Service, Troubleshooting & Repair

Service, Troubleshooting & Repair

Managing Your Service Issues to

Maintain Your Momentum

Experiencing a system issue in the Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey area? We’ll be on the scene immediately to make sure your costs stay down and your project keeps moving.


Service Tenets Founded on Integrity and Experience

We’re on time, every time

We understand that equipment issues lead to productivity and profit loss. Our team takes repairs seriously to ensure your system is up and running properly as quickly as possible, with a follow-up plan to reference once it’s operational.

We mind your costs

Repair and maintenance can be unexpected and expensive, which is why we always honor our client’s costs to keep you on budget. We’ll get creative with our solutions to make sure there’s no hidden surprises when it comes to pricing.

We find the root cause

Getting things done the right way once is how we work. We’re committed to solving the problem at its core, so you won’t have to deal with more issues down the line. Whether it’s a new issue or one that’s been festering for years, you can count on us to get it fixed.

We source the best equipment

Our brand loyalty is to whichever one will get the job done. We’re familiar with a wide variety of engineering equipment providers, allowing us to deliver the best, most cost-effective solution as quickly as possible.

We innovate, always

When no two engineering issues are the same, creativity is key. We’re passionate about finding innovative answers to our client’s equipment issues at the highest level of performance, time efficiency, and accuracy.

We solve today and tomorrow’s issues

We’ll repair your system to its optimal level, with equipment that will run effectively for years to come. From easier maintenance to more streamlined efficiency, we’re dedicated to leaving your system better than we found it, every time.
Person in hi-vis wearing a hard hat working on a robot
Person in hi-vis wearing a hard hat

Our Process

Thorough Diagnosis, Maximum Efficiency


Identify the root cause of the issue quickly and accurately


Fix or replace problematic equipment to achieve optimal system performance


Perform ongoing system checks and provide reliable support whenever needed

We’re Here to Help. Call Us Now.

Our service technicians are standing by to support and solve your automation and control system issues.
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